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Clan MacNeil

  Christmas Day 2005 on Traigh Eais
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Depending upon demand for the Dinner it may be necessary to limit the number who can be accommodated.




Register Now


This year there are three options:-


1. Register for the whole 4 day event including all admissions to evening events and the Clan MacNeil Dinner.  All this for only 105.00 (GBP)
2. Register for the whole 4 day event including admissions to evening events (except the Clan MacNeil Dinner).  Only 75.00 (GBP)
3. Register for the 4 day event.  This includes entry to a selection of events (please see events page).  Only 45.00 (GBP)

Registration fees are for people aged 16 or over.  Children aged 10 to 15 will be 1/2 price and children aged 9 and under will be free.

To register now and pay your fee please go to Payment.

For full details of events included in each package please see key (bottom left-hand corner) on Events page.


Registration and payment must be completed by 24th July 2016 to help us make the final arrangements.



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